1.August.1999  Ole arrives in Istanbul
2.August.1999 10.45 IST Guy & Max arrive in Istanbul
2.August.1999 12.35 IST 13 arrives Istanbul
2.August.1999 18.00 ish IST Ole, Guy, Max, & 13 rendezvous.  Team RECON is formed.
6.August.1999 Around Midday Alisa arrives in Istanbul
7.August.1999  14.00 IST  Rebecca lands IST. Michelline arrives in Istambul 
11.August.1999  9.30.57 UT  Umbral shadow first touches down on Earth. Along the sunrise terminator, the maximum duration is a mere 47 seconds. 
10.11 UT  Umbra arrives along the shores of the Cornwall Peninsula 
10.16 UT  Umbra leaves England/Umbra reach Normandy 
10.29 UT  The good citizens of Metz witness a total eclipse 
10.47 UT  Shadow enters Hungary 
11.03.04 UT  Instant of greatest eclipse 
11.07 UT  Bucuresti is engulfed by shadow 
11.21 UT  Umbral landfall along the Black Sea Coast of Northern Turkey 
11.52 UT  Umbra arrives at Iran's western boundary 
12.28 UT  Shadow enters India 
12.36 UT  Eclipse shadow leaves India just north of Vishakhapatnam 
12.36.23 UT  Umbra shadows departs the earth not to return until the next millennium 
13.August.1999 Alisa leaves Istanbul
15.August.1999 Bradden & Yowei leave Turkey
18.August.1999 10.45 IST Max leaves IST
22.August.1999  Rebecca departs IST 
24.August.1999 6.00 IST (ouch!) 13 leaves Turkey