OK, I've made a couple changes in this page now that the eclipse is behind us... I replaced the eclipse image above with a photo from the one we saw (yes it looked like that from curacao)... I also shrank the menu butons on the left to avoid scroll bars and I simplified them a bit to load faster...I got rid of the 'getting there' section, since it never contained anything anyway and we clearly all got there, and I added the 'aftermath' section so people can send in their pictures and accounts if they want ... I finally finished the first draft of my story, which is now posted, soon to be accompanied by links, pics and beauty (comments memory aids amendments all are welcome) and I've seen 3 of 13's 5 rolls of film, etc.

I'd also like to say that it was a real pleasure to do what we did all together.

Any more ideas for the page or whatever lemme know.

See y'all next year?.....