I might as well include a list of who has expressed an interest in this journey, in the eventuality that some of you might want to travel together. You can work that out amongst yourselves.

 I'm also including how sure people are if they've told me and what their projected dates are, approximately. I'm gonna continue to list the 0% people in an attempt to coerce them to change their minds as a result of public shame at deciding against.


Click here to send a letter to everyone at once.

Or here's a cut'n'pastable list to use with your mail program: max@asan.com,S0941786@let.rug.nl,demopoua@mskcc.org,cyberpoodle@hotmail.com,dana.edsall@autodesk.com,gall@pathcom.com,catherine.gunning@nwmarkets.co.uk,kessler@ix.netcom.com,hank@interport.net,zzyzx@tezcat.com,greisch@previewmedia.com,thirteen@xsite.com,leeschneider@hotmail.com,bpwondra@well.com,jmitch@panama.c-com.net

 If you know anyone else who's into it, send'em here. If you're not on the list and wanna be, mail either Alyosha or Max.

 This page is being maintained by Alyosha and Max. Any extra info, corrections, suggestions, hate mail, large stacks of cash in easy-to-carry bags, etc, etc, etc.