6.June.2001  Neil leaves O'hare for Heathrow
11.June.2001 Manny, Thor, Rebecca leave O'hare for Heathrow
12.June.2001 Manny Thor, Rebecca leave LHR for JOB
13.June.2001 9:15 am They arrive, spend a night in Pretoria somewhere. Team Recon go!
16.June.2001 Neil leaves Heathrow for Jo'burg
17.June.2001 Neil arrives in Jo'burg, begins his own pilgrimmage nor'ard
18.June.2001 47 departs St. Louis bound for Gatwick
19.June.2001 47 flies Heathrow - Nairobi - Lusaka
20.June.2001 9:20 am 47 lands in Lusaka. The group is complete
21.June.2001 total eclipse of the sun
13:39:56 First contact
15:08:11 Second contact!
15:11:49 Third contact (doh)
16:26:38 now what do we do?
end of June.2001 We all putter around Zambia
1.July.2001 Neil flies Jo'burg to Heathrow
3.June.2001 Manny, Thor, Rebecca fly JOB - LHR
47 flies LUS - LHR
4.July.2001 Rebecca goes home
6.July.2001 Manny, Thor go home
7.July.2001 Neil goes home